Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Better Sex iPod Touch Contest

Enter Better Sex Sweepstakes

You can't win if you don't DOUBLE OPT IN!
People seem to be digging our Win a "His" and "Hers" iPod Touch contest. We like to say anyone can give away an iPod only we can give an iPod guaranteed to improve your love life because we include copies of The Better Sex Video Series ® and our newest feature Great Sex For A Lifetime) on our contest iPods.

Problem is about 50% of people entering aren't clicking on the confirmation email. We use a 2x opt-in process to make sure our content goes to those ADULTS who want it. Believe me, we hate spam too and would never want to contribute (ever) or be seen as a spammer. This extra step creates security, but it may also create frustration for about half our contest people because if you can't win if you don't double opt-in.

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