Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Better Sex - Free Shipping Test

$59.00 Free Shipping Trigger Test

We lowered our free shipping "trigger" yesterday from $75 to $59. When you manage a web site "triggers" are things that, when reached (or clicked), make other things happen. We are testing this lower price point for free shipping because:

  • We've received BizRate notes from customers asking for a lower trigger.
  • We know the economy sucks and we want to do our part to have it stink less. You have to put gas in your car, a roof over your head and food on the table. Not far after those necessities, we hope, is a little something for you and your loving partner from us.
  • Our competitors are clustered around this trigger point and sometimes they know something we don't (and vice versa).

Even though we give a big chunk of our profits to charity every year, we are a for profit company. That means we hope lowering a price point like our free shipping trigger will help more people use this feature. It is a tricky balancing act. You lose money on the one hand (lowering from $75 to $59) in order to make money on the other (if more people utilize free shipping). In the past, we haven't done a great job of explaining the benefits of reaching the free shipping trigger. Since our trigger is now below our average order, just about everyone will be eligible for free shipping during the test.

Benefits of Free Shipping
Our standard shipping is United States Postal Service (USPS)and thanks to increased postal rates, standard shipping is now $7.95. This is what you receive free when the total of your merchandise is equal to or greater than $59. USPS is slow and there is no tracking. If you aren't in a hurry USPS is a good option and Free is a hard price to beat.

The Cool Part of Free Shipping - Cheap Upgrades
We have smart customers many of whom have already figured out that when they qualify for free standard shipping they can pay $6.00 to upgrade to 2 Day UPS (with tracking number and arrival in 2 - 3 days) and spend $14.00 (tracking and get your order in 1 to 2 days).

UPS Benefits
All UPS upgrades include tracking numbers (via email) and you know exactly when your discreet package will arrive from us. "Discreet package" means the UPS driver (or anyone else) will have no idea you ordered from us. UPS does not ship to P.O. Boxes, but you can use USPS express for faster deliver to a P.O. Box. Is it worth $6.00 to upgrade to UPS? Our customers vote "Yes" to this since about half the orders that qualified for Free Shipping upgrade. Your call.

Promotion Codes, Free Gifts and Shipping Costs
You may see our ads in USA Today, Men's Health or Cosmo. When you type a promotion code and click "update cart" to confirm the code in our cart your free gifts and shipping costs may change. The confusing part, and we are working on this, is those changes are not confirmed in the cart. The cart, at this time, does not reflect the effect of the promotion code. You will see promotion code changes confirmed on step two of the checkout.

Check Better Sex Free Gifts = use this link to check what is free on any given day, same as the link at the top of every page that looks like this:

More on Free Gifts soon....

Thanks for your support and let us know if you like the lower trigger on free shipping.

msmith @ bettersex . com

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