Thursday, July 2, 2009

Better Sex Jargon Story

Value of Crazy Creative Friends
In a previous life, I got to know the uber-talented and funny writers at Imagineering in San Francisco. Imagineering created a very cool game they named Rorshock. Everyone knows the look at the ink blot and a trained Freudian will see your hidden desires and neurosis. Imagineering put a special spin on this idea. They make their blots multiple choice. How you chooose = the strange and funny diagnosis you receive. I love Rorshock and the creative minds at Imagineering (Visit Imagineering's Store not affiliated with Sinclair).

Play Sex Blots

I worked with Imagineering to create our Better Sex Blots game. Same concept at Rorshock. See the blot, read choices and pick your favorite to receive a "diagnosis". Choices will define you as either a Sex Maniac, Sex God, Sex Machine or a Sex Symbol. As you may expect, I am a sex maniac (but in a good way :).

Free Sex Jargon
Imagineering decided their next product would be funny AND factual. They created a little book called Sex Jargon with real definitions of sexual terms. This little orange book is very funny. Here are just a few examples:

  • O Face: Facial expression of someone having an orgasm.
  • Introduce the Captain: to penetrate (the vagina) with the penis.
  • Inhale The Oyster: slang for oral sex.
This little orange book goes on like this for hundreds of definitions and over eighty pages. Don't buy Sex Jargon from us. Let us give it to you for free. Buy just about anything on (anything over $24.00 anyway) and we will thank you with 2 FREE GIFTS. Select Sex Jargon from my friends at Imagineering and I guarantee you will have a good laugh. Our theory is if you can't have a good laugh about your sex life you need to lighten up (and watch one of our adult sex education DVD's).

Have a great 4th of July everyone and send your sex blots or sex jargon ideas to Martin (msmith(at)BetterSex(dot)com) :).


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