Friday, May 4, 2007

Better Sex Summer Of Love and Summer Sex

Better Sex Summer of Love

The summer of 1967, the official “summer of love”, seems like a long strange trip away. Loading up the VW Microbus and heading out to the Haight for a summer of free love and who knows what else seem likely or healthy.

One thing our collective hippie past had right is that summer is a great time for better sex. Why is this? Here is’s top ten reasons why summer sex and summer love is great:

10. On Vacation = less stress and more sex (one can only hope).

9. You wear less clothes (think bathing suits and hot lingerie instead of business casual) so less work to start summer sex

8. Summer heat is sexy (think of the ice cube scene from Spike Lee’s film Do The Right Thing)

7. Summer nights are cool and perfect for a romp

6. Summer is spontaneous and a great time for spontaneous summer sex

5. You eat less, drink more in the summer

4. Summer is already physical, adding summer sex just makes it fun

3. TV sucks in the summer

2. Summer is when you look the best (think tanned and thin even if you aren’t)

1. Summer is great for sex because, to paraphrase Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t have great summer sex once in a while you could miss it.”

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Better Summer Sex Features
We have special features this summer of love including our biggest better sex sale ever, our article on 10 Better Summer Sex tips, examples of Hot Lingerie for any body type, our first annual Summer Adult Sex Toy Review, several new better summer sex polls and chances to win free better summer sex stuff. So slow down, load up the SUV, hit the beach and work some great summer sex into your fast paced hectic life. We guarantee you will thank us by Labor Day.

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