Thursday, May 10, 2007

Better Sex Summer Of Love Public Display Of Affection (PDA) Contest

Better Sex Summer Of Love Public Display of Affection (PDA) Contest
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The sixties were about trying new things. The ability to hug, kiss and hold hands in public, much to the consternation of some, was a public declaration of new sexual freedom. That is why the Better Sex Summer of Love means so much to everyone at The products we develop such as the award winning adult sex education video set Better Sex Video Series ® have helped millions find a new sexual freedom and enjoy better sex.

Send Us Your Better Sex Summer Of Love Public Display Of Affection Image

We have a unique way for you to share your love this summer. Send a picture of you and your partner showing affection in public. Include the message you would like to share with them. We may select your image to be the main image on for a week beginning July 2nd. This means you will anonymously share your love with about 100,000 people sort of like a cyber version of the jumbotron in Times Square.

How to Enter The Better Sex Summer Of Love Public Display Of Affection Contest
Send your picture in either a .jpg or .pdf format to The Better Sex Summer Of Love. Please put “PDA Contest” in the subject. Images must be smaller than 2 megabytes. We only post things to our site anonymously to protect our customer’s privacy, so if you have a favorite screen name or alias, please include it.

What we are Looking For In The Better Sex Summer Of Love PDA Contest

Just like the image above, we are looking for a picture that suggests intimacy, affection and love. We don’t want to put restrictions what “love” looks like, but the image will be featured on our Better Sex home page and seen by about 100,000 people so tasteful and elegant are important.

Your Message
We don’t have room for a long message, but we will can include a message of 10 words or less such as “Jane, thanks for 10 years of love and support” or “Mark, I love you madly – from your wife.”

Your Better Sex Love Story

Please include the Better Sex Love Story of your relationship. Please answer questions such as:

• Who are you and how old are you?
• How long have you been together with your partner?
• Where did you meet?
• What do you love about your partner?

Legalease: It is important to recognize that by sending us an image you are granting us the right to use it on our web site. Entering this contest does not subscribe you to anything. If you would like to track the progress of this contest and become a member of, please enter your email box provided on our home page.

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