Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Better Sex Cinco De Mayo

For Cinco De Mayo we are doing a spot on our 5 top products in our 5 top categories.

The Better Sex Best of the Best if you will. So how do we determine what is wonderful and what products will never end up on the site at all? You know the toys and movies you see listed on other site but not ours. First, we have you - our wonderful customers telling us what you like best. Second, our sales department tells us what sells the best. And then we do “staff picks”. That’s right we believe in our products so much that we use them ourselves and rank them. Additionally we allow the researchers and PhDs to weigh in, even though they are a bunch of egg heads. Egg heads need love too!

What about all that stuff that never makes it on the site: “Like Cum Swallowing Whores 2” that won the AVN award for best oral? Well, we didn’t think it was so great. We have an adult movie specialist who has watched over 10,000 adult films, so that you don’t have too. Weeding out violent or misogynistic content. He is a great movie critic and the anthology of all things sex. What about that coveted Oh My Lube and Stimulant everyone raved about? Well we liked it too. But there are several other products we feel work just as well so we offer them too. Sure we understand it is all about choice but you can also count on us to weed out everything from the “not so great” to the “never should have been made”. Want to rock you partners world this Cinco De Mayo. Come see our 5 top best of the best

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