Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Buzz Team Adult Sex Toys and Adult Movies For Review

With all the success of the Better Sex Buzz Team, we have added some new adult sex toys and adult movies products for buzz team review. These are some of the products we are offering for review and you can choose an adult movie, adult sex toy and a personal lubricant. If you would like to join the Better Sex Buzz Team please send us an email letting us know why you want to be part
of our fun Buzz Team.

If you become a top reviewer for the team then we open the entire site up for you to pick from.

Hope to hear from everyone soon and thank you again to our current team members who have done a great job.


3152 Art Of Oral Loving

1393 Enjoying Guilty Pleasures

9736 You Can Last Longer

1785 Creative Sex Positions

3539 Maximizing G-Spot Pleasures

3075 The Art Of Sexual Positions

Adult Sex Toys

3206 Rabbit Bleu

3818 Self Lubricating Vibrator

Personal Lubricant

Better Sex Toy Cleaner

Better Sex Essentials Silicone Lube