Monday, May 14, 2007

Better Sex Fortune Cookie Contest

Better Sex Fortune Cookie Contest

Thanks to everyone who entered our Better Sex Fortune Cookie contest this summer!

The idea for the contest was simple – add “in bed” to your favorite fortune and we will make a t-shirt out of the funniest ones. The entries we received are listed to the right. Please vote for your favorite and we will create t-shirts with the top vote getters.

Did we miss your favorite fortune? All is not lost if we missed your favorite fortune, just email it to and don’t forget to add “in bed” at the end.

Thanks, Web Team

The Better Sex Fortune Cookie Contest
Have you ever added “in bed” to the end of your fortune cookie? Then you’ve already played the Better Sex Fortune Cookie Game. We are making a contest out of what a lot of people do already. This Better Sex game is simple and easy to play. Next time you eat Chinese add “in bed” to the end of your fortune for a whole new sexy meaning.

Submit Your Favorite Fortune - Win A Free Better Sex Fortune Cookie T-Shirt is searching for the top 10 funniest and sexiest “in bed” fortunes of all time. Submit your fortune, real or made up, and you could win a Free t-shirt with your saying on it! Send your favorite fortunes to

Better Sex Fortune Cookie Contest Rules

Our judges will select 20 of their favorite sayings and put them up on for a month of “kick ball” voting starting July 5th. Kick ball voting is where new sayings replace slow vote getters. Voting ends on Labor Day and the top 10 vote getters will win a free tee with their “in bed” fortune printed on it. By emailing us your fortune, you are granting the right to put it up on our web site, print the saying on a t-shirt and use in other materials.

Better Sex Fortune Cookie “in bed” Examples
Here are some typical fortunes enhanced by placing “in bed” at the end.

Success means competition…in bed.

One must be available, alert, active and adaptable …in bed.

If you have many best friends, you have no friends …in bed.

Mountains can move, but not your character …in bed.

Send your favorite fortune to

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