Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Better Sex Summer Of Love Story

Better Sex Summer of Love Story
You determine where the story will go.

There are a lot of creative people in our audience. Our last Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest was a big hit; in fact we had so much great writing we created a book reviewed in Summer Reading. This summer, we need your help to tell an erotic summer story of the couple in the picture. Send as many words, paragraphs or pages as you like and we may add them to our evolving erotic summer story.

Get Selected
We are always on the lookout for talented erotic writers. If you fit that description, please read the evolving story and write something we can add to the storyline.

The Start Of The Summer Of Love Story

It is a warm summer day in early June. Two lovers walk hand in hand down an old country road. Briefly they gaze at each other with subtle smiles reflecting a warm feeling of love. The sky is light blue with lingering transparent clouds masking the sun’s rays. Long shadows cast on the country hillside as a calm breeze lightly caresses the skin and keeps them just cool enough for... (send us the next couple lines and keep the story going)

Copyright and legalese
Contributors to our summer story retain the copyright to their writing. Sending writing to us grants the non-exclusive right to use the writing in the Better Sex Summer of Love Story on our website Should we want to use writing for other purposes, such as another book, we will negotiate fair compensation for each contributor (as we’ve done in the past).

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