Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We Are Thankful For....
What makes Thanksgiving a great holiday? Stopping and thinking about all those "glass is half full" moments in our lives. In truth, most of our glasses flow well over the brim. Sometimes we walk through our lives not seeing ever-present magic and grace. Sometimes we treat our partners, lovers and friends with indifference. We take them for granted.

Thanksgiving is our national day of atonement. The pilgrims survived hardships we can't conceive much less find our way through. They fought for a toe-hold in a hostile new world. They sat down together to breathe a collective sigh of relief and give thanks. Thankful for the abundance of their lives, full lives with challenges at every turn, they gathered to hold a moment, to be thankful, to share and love.

Times and challenges change, but a day to hold, share and be thankful is a valuable tradition. If you are reading this on Thursday we are home with our families and friends being thankful for things such as:

  • our customer's support, intelligence and involvement in our business
  • the opportunity to help people find each other
  • the privilege of service our chosen profession affords
  • great employers and employees
  • the honor to do what we love and get paid for it

A bullet list seems a little impersonal but it is past 3:00 and I have to go gather things to re-heat for my Thanksgiving meal with my brother Drew tomorrow. I don't cook as much as I heat up since that is the safer thing to do (by far). Cooking is an art and one I've never mastered. If you are cooking tomorrow I salute you.

I am not going to proselytize too much in my Thanksgiving message, but there are a few things going on right now you should know about:

  • 25% off Sale Ends on December 2nd (we are also calling this our Better Sex Black Friday Sale) and it ends on Tuesday morning December 2nd.

  • Testing Lower Free Shipping - Got permission to test a $39.00 "trigger" on our free shipping during Thanksgiving. This too will end on December 2nd.

  • How Free Standard Shipping Works - When you place $39.00 or more in your cart standard shipping is on us. The cool part, and something 50% of our customers do, is you can upgrade to 2 Day Air for $6.00. This upgrade gives you a tracking number, gets your purchase picked faster and cuts shipping time (especially to the west coast) down to almost nothing. Best $6.00 you will spend.

  • Erotic Fiction Voting - One of my favorite authors has 3 stories in our contest this week. Vote counts matter, so please read K. Pratt's stories and pick your favorite here:

  • Save Your Love Life, Save The World - We received great feedback on our desire to share our bounty around the world. Many people have asked to help by selecting donate to DKT International as one of their "free gifts" at check out. Don't know about you, but I love the idea there is a little girl or boy somewhere in the world who is alive today because DKT helped protect their family. Save Your Love Life TO Save The World, and thanks.

  • 5 New "Helping Hands" product videos - Our customers love what we call our "helping hands product videos" because they show how our toys actually work. In our latest videos, done by some true Pros From Dover, you can HEAR how powerful the vibration is and get a real sense of every product feature. Here is where you can find our new product vids:

    We-Vibe (yes we do)
    16 Function Rabbit (finally back in stock!!!)
    Silicone Triple Orgasm Cock Ring (become part of the cock ring revolution)
    Lucid Dreams #14 (14 different levels of cool pleasure here)
    B3 Tuyo (this little ball will rock your world)

  • We lost our "Tweet" coupon there for a few days, but it is back now and don't forget to follow us on Twitter at I am about to post what using Tweet in our secret code area will get you now that it is fixed.
Lots more cool stuff coming soon. We've been working almost nonstop, think Santa's exhausted helpers, so stay tuned and have a GREAT THANKSGIVING.


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