Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sisyphus and Better Sex

sisyphus-better-sexIf you’ve forgotten Greek Mythology Sisyphus was the founder and King of Corinth. Sisyphus was not humble. He thought he was smarter than Zeus. Zeus being the King of the Gods, the ruler of Mount Olympus and the god of sky and thunder did not appreciate Sisyphus’s arrogance. You don’t mess with Mother Nature or Zeus, so the gods punished Sisyphus in a unique way. Sisyphus would roll a heavy stone up a mountain for all eternity. The rough part was Sisyphus was never allowed to reach the top of the hill. Each attempt to summit the bolder was futile. Just before the top of the hill Sisyphus would lose his grip. The rock would tear its way back down the mountain. This futile task became nomenclature for all futile tasks. The term “Sisyphean Challenge” came to describe any pointless task or unrewarding routine.

If your sex life sounds like a Sisyphean Challenge you are not alone. A seemingly infinite routine of boring frustration is among The Sinclair Institute’s most common complaints. Here are three quick ideas to push, move, recycle or dynamite your love life to a more rewarding place, to get your boulder to the top of the hill.

The Better Sex Video Series

We know this recommendation is a tad self-serving, but literally millions of people have purchased, watched and love our adult sex education series. The power of this three DVD set is in what they do for you not in what they are. That sounds like freshman philosophy class, but it explains an important concept. These DVD’s get you talking about something that is hard to talk about. You see explicit demonstrations and then you get to say, “Yeah let’s try that.” Sex therapist add their “you are not alone” advice in too. The power of the information is in the freedom it creates. Not everyone’s sex life is helped by our series. This is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If any of our products don’t help you we get your money back to you. Just remember, the DVD’s don’t increase your happiness, love making knowledge and power nor do they intensive your orgasm. You do all that. The Better Sex Video Series just helps you get the rock to the top of the hill.

Sex Toys, Sex Toys and More Sex Toys

There is a reason they are called sex toys and not sex tools. Sex toys are fun. Sex tools sound like work and you would get them easily confused with stuff you buy at Home Depot. If you are not part of the “sex toy generation”, then either buy the book Tickle His Pickle or our Better Sex Guide to Toys (sometimes we give this DVD away free with a $24 purchase). How can you tell if you are NOT part of the sex toy generation? If you think “twitter” is a group of nerdy kids you grew up with then buy the book or our guide.

Vibration is important enough to be our third recommendation. Sure there are great toys that don’t vibrate, but, if you only have one sex toy, make sure it vibrates. Just as Moore’s Law is changing our computing lives (more power in less space for less money every year), there is a similar though less well know law for vibrators called Martin’s Law. Martin’s Vibrator Law states that every year the power of vibrators will double as size and costs are reduced by a third. Best demonstrations of this law for women would be the Rotating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator, for men the Rude Boy Prostate Massager and for couples the Triple Orgasm Cock Ring (or the Double Dolphin Cock Ring).

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