Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Amazing Job to The Better Sex Buzz Team for Your Reviews on the Adult Sex Toys and Adult Movies

The better sex buzz team is doing a great job at writing some great reviews about some of our adult sex toys and adult movies that we have given them.

With the success of our first month of the Better Sex Buzz Team being together we are adding some new sex toys and adult movies that our team can choose from. I will not be releasing them on this but some of them are so new, they just went up on the site today and other sex toys have been talked about on some major adult movies and in magazines.

Also, we still have a few spots left for anyone who would like to become a Better Sex Buzz Team Member.

Hope everyone is having a pleasurable time who is on the Better Sex Buzz Team and we look forward to getting you more and more new adult sex toys to have fun with.

1 comment:

Mr. Calabash said...

I love the smell of new products ... It's the smell of victory!