Friday, January 9, 2009

Last Weekend - Biggest Holiday Sale Holiday Sale Is Ending....
The end of a sale is like the end of a party. A few of your closest friends are still hanging with you but they may be a tad on the wrong side of something (eat, drink or other options depending on the party LOL). My prep-school friend Hans always envied my attending Vassar. "Martin," Hans would say to me usually with a drink in his hand, "at my college (name has been withheld to protect the innocent) we had to drink 'em pretty." When I asked Hans what he meant he told me that the later the night goes the prettier the people at his college got. Hans' college is known for the speed they toss a lacrosse ball, so this verbal indiscretion is understandable.

Everyone who attended our Better Sex Holiday Sale party didn't need to be improved with drink. Our customers are THE BEST. We needed a BIG DECEMBER after a hard year and our loyal customers helped make it happen. In times of economic strife investing in your intimate relationship may be the best (only?) investment we can make.

I turned a year older on January 1st, so allow me to wax philosophical for a second. Everything that is really important is FREE. I say this even after spending several days with my dysfunctional family, so yes I know that family costs something that is not money. I am also not so Utopian as to sit and chant and hope everything will work out. No, I understand that we make our world, we create our happiness (or not).

We think of your investment with as a proxiy. It is a poll where you tell us you understand holding off on the expensive car, bigger house, whim-bam-whatever is less important than connection, love and care. Seems like a long way from selling sex toys? Not really because sex toys and our adult sex education videos are a simple statement about OUR DESIRE. We want to be better than we are. Buying anything at is a simple expression of that idea.

Do you need to buy anything to express such a thought? Nope, but buying stuff is what we do. We are AMERICANS and we BUY STUFF because we can. The media says our future is dim and woe is me. We do need to clean our collective garage, but we are BIG, BAD and BOLD. We create ourselves everyday and I guarantee you that will not change, that is breed in the bone, that is who we are.

I include our international customers. You guys are honory AMERICANS because you are doing one of the most AMERICAN of things - seeking to be BETTER (by visiting our site :). We (Americans) want to be better, do better, create better and on and on forever. We are in a tight economic squeeze. Our homes are worth less. We are all going to be working until we drop. Our kids better be gifted or community college is in their future, BUT we will get better and we will care more about the WORLD GETTING BETTER now too. Life is good and about to get BETTER.

Final rant then I am heading out for the weekend. Everyone at knows our customers are against the hot pipes. We are working on ways to help such as:

  • Free Shipping - Our Free Standard Shipping for all orders of $59.00 or greater is a keeper. It passed our test.
  • 2 Free Gifts - We are always working on new productions we can give you for FREE. Every production we create includes educational DVD's we can give away.
  • Better Sex Valentine Giveaway - My team is working on a $10,000 toy giveaway contest for Valentine. Enter by buying something today (automatically entered), sign up for our secure emails today (automatically entered), follow us on Twitter (automatically entered) or look for our contest sign up form soon.
  • DKT Contributions - When you buy The Better Sex Video Series we give the profits to DKT International to help family planning and aids prevention in the third world. The economy will never get so tight we can't make our annual contribution. We are people who help and we will continue to help.
  • Solid Financial Footing - another way we help ourselves and our customers is to be conservative with our money. We get helped because we get to continue to serve and our customers are helped because they know we will be here to help them if they need after sale support. We started our business in 1991 and, as a stockholder, I know we have the backing to be here for a very long time. I get to stay too because I hired a great new team in 2008 and our customers came through for us as they have every year since 1991. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS.

Enough philosophy, now get out there and save some cash before our Biggest Better Sex Holiday Sale ends next week. Have a great weekend everyone.


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