Friday, January 23, 2009

January A Fly By - Valentine's Day Soon

What happened to January?
Does anyone feel like January was a fly by? A day ago it was Christmas now it is only a few weeks from Valentine's Day. We hope time is flying because you found the love life you've always wanted. For us, the time just FLEW. I am heading to the New York Gift Show on Sunday to find cool new stuff for Will be strange to attend as a "buyer" after so many years as an exhibitor (as a co-founder of We will come back with tons of ideas and share some of those here for feedback with our best customers.

In The Meantime....
We accomplished some cool stuff in January even if a tad on the LATE side such as:

Better Sex Valentine's Sale

Add a "Staff Picks" section to our home page and we are figuring out how to populate it. Check it out and give us feedback.

Created a Better Sex $10,000 Valentine Giveaway contest that starts in a week.

Better Sex Valentine Article: Be A Valentine Hero
I wrote this and riffed on how to be a hero this Valentine. I also wrote 500 words on what NOT to do on Valentine's Day if, like moi, you are alone. Send me a Valentine Email and I will, eventually, send one in return.

I say eventually, because underwater is up from where I am right now. Regular Martin post readers know I tend to get behind. My excuse, life is short and I am trying to jam as much cool stuff in as possible (lol)....I wish. I am afraid the truth is much more mundane, there is simply more work to do than there is time or help to do it. I hope, as you read this, you are set for a fun, creative weekend doing something you love with someone you love. I will be on a plane heading to NYC and a show I've only ever attended as a "seller" not a "buyer". Should be fun.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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