Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pink Silky steals the show in "Burn After Reading"

Rarely do sex products appear in mainstream Hollywood films. When they do we take notice. Burn After Reading, a recent Cohen brothers blockbuster starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt is making waves in Hollywood and the adult industry.

George Clooney's character, Harry Pfarrer, is a sex addic with many idiosyncrasies. Harry is attempting to build a sex chair using a favorite dildo, the Pink Silky.

The Liberator Ramp is another Harry Pfarrer favorite. Liberator Ramp On Sale = use this link to read our Liberator sale. Liberator bestsellers, the Ramp and the Wedge are available on along with the entire line of Liberator Sex Position Aids.

According to an article on, sales of Harry's favorite adult products (especially the Pink Silky) have experienced dramatic sales increases. There is belief Hollywood's inclusion lifts an adult product's legitimacy. We think Burn After Reading's inclusion of two popular adult products is another example pop culture and the adult industry influence each other. Goes to show what a dip of the pop-culture toe will do.

All About Anna, a recent Wicked Pictures release, is another example of this trend. All About Anna is an adult feature with mainstream Hollywood values. Script, cinematography, sets, acting and love scenes make All About Anna an anomaly. Wicked Pictures understand how Hollywood and adult features are merging, meeting in the middle. All About Anna is a continuation of Wicked's previous productions, but it may be the studio's most mainstream feature and a signal of more to come. All we can say is bring it on.

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